Justin Boyd in invisible Bread

Justin Boyd is the creator of Invisible Bread and co-creator of the Left-Handed Toons. He is an important character in the comics, and is the main character of the Me Comics. He has no connection to any of the plain-colored-shirts (except his one purple-shirted girlfriend), as if they do not exist.


In the comics, Justin  appears to be messy, annoying to some, and loves to turn average, every-day situations into abnormal situations or big problems,

Justin fainting after being asked what he wanted at a restaurant.

sometimes over-exaggerating his responses to some things. Sometimes he tends to not like being an adult, with all the responsibilities he has to handle. But eventually, he finds a
way to turn it around and make a benefit for himself. He still enjoys childish things such as video games and movies. He loves energy drinks, specifically Monster energy drinks. He
Boyd returns home

Justin "coming home from work."

even has what he calls "Boyd's Disease" and states that if the Monster is removed from his body fluids, he will die. Justin's main occupation is creating his
Justin drawing

Justin drawing a comic based off of how he decided to draw the comic he's currently drawing.

comics,so he works at home.He gets ideas for comics from his life, but exaggerates them a lot, as seen in the Me Comics. Sometimes he even uses his job of writing comics as comics. He loves dogs, especially his dog Wendell, and even enjoys cleaning his poop.

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